No tobacco day is observed around the world every year on May 31st. The aim of highlighting this day is to create awareness among people regarding the hazards of tobacco to overall health of the individual. It is intended to encourage persons consuming tobacco to quit the habit.

Tobacco is available in different forms. Tobacco consumption in the form of smoking is the most common among youngsters as well as old age. It is available in the form of cigarettes, cigar or beedi. The nicotine and carbon monoxide released from the smoke are extremely harmful components that may damage the lungs causing respiratory problems and lung cancer. Smoking has an effect on heart and brain as well, several studies have proposed that tobacco consumption is one of the major causes for heart attack and stroke, About 1 in 5 patients with heart problems are related to smoking.

Since last few years the market availability and consumption of different forms of smokeless tobacco have greatly enhanced. They are available as chewable snuff that is placed in mouth for longer time and spitted off. This form of tobacco contains products like arecoline, catechins and tannins which are responsible for the destruction of teeth and soft tissues of oral cavity. These components causes premalignant lesions that may ultimately lead to oral cancer. This is one of the ignored aspect of health due to lack of awareness among public. The individuals using any form of tobacco are at greater risk of oral cancer. Along with systemic conditions like respiratory diseases and heart illness, oral cancer is among the common causes of death in India.

It is time we should change the global scenario. The incidence of diseases can be reduced mainly by prevention and avoiding causative factors. Cessation of tobacco consumption will be a great achievement for the well being of society.


Say No to Tobacco and improve your health for a lifetime…


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