Smilon Dental leverages state-of-the-art infrastructure and ultra-modern equipment.


Dental Treatment made easy and highly accessible to one and all in Hyderabad.


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Smilon is the best dental clinic in Hyderabad for all your dental care needs. With a team that is compassionate, ethical, and efficient, we promise you the best and most holistic treatment plans in oral health. Our doctors come with years of professional experience and excel in what they do to give the best outcomes for every patient.Smilon Dental leverages state-of-the-art infrastructure and ultra-modern equipment to offer a comprehensive set of oral healthcare services. By utilizing the latest pain-management technology, we ensure that your visit to us is a breeze.

The health and safety of patients is paramount at Smilon, which is why we stress on using sterilized equipment to prevent cross infection and follow a standardized treatment protocol across all our centers.Smilon’s ergonomic treatment costs bring in value for money and the time invested in treatment modalities. Not just this, Smilon’s services are highly accessible to one and all given our geographical proximity to the entire hi-tech city belt.


With a team that is compassionate, ethical, and efficient, we promise you the best and most holistic treatment plans in oral health.


Prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth are known as dentures and can help restore a person’s smile and confidence!


This is a minimally invasive option where extremely focused light beams are used to alter or remove tissue in small amounts.


At Smilon, we undertake placement of dental implants after analysing the general health of the patient


It consists of a false tooth that is cemented to natural teeth surrounding the space where the tooth once stood.


These help in improving a person’s smile. They help in encouraging tooth movement, alignment, and straightening.


At Smilon, we help address issues such as badly decayed, fractured, or dead tooth by removing the pulp from the tooth.




Excellent doctor…the problem was clearly explained..I don’t feel the pain even after the removal of my tooth..thanks a lot.. – Athkuri Kavya

I consulted Dr.Zameer for a decay in tooth which required Root Canal Treatment. The care , courtesy and the effeciency dispalyed by him in treating me was exceptional. He is someone who provides you genuine consulting based on the problem and doesnot suggest things for the sake of it . –  Bharath Kancharla

I visited Dr Zameer with a complain of tooth decay. As it was my first visit to a dentist ,I was very anxious , but he made me comfortable and he delivered a pain free and satisfactory treatment
.I was very happy with the treatment –  Sony Tejasri

Visited Dr Zameer for a root canal and he’s been really patient with the whole process and the capping had really good fitting. –  Apoorv Shikarwar

I have recently visited to this Clinic. Dr Zameer, the way he explains about the treatment is simple and clear. He will recommend you the right thing before or while doing any processor. Overall satisfaction is very good. Cheers! – Baba Vali

The clinic is so good and Dr. Zameer is very confident while doing treatment. The unique thing about him is he never asks for too many sittings as he treats the problem in a right way. Thank you so much Zameer  – Aparna Medicharla

I know Dr.zameer from 15 years.. He is excellent doctor. His treatment is very good and i find more honest. Very flexible to approach and book appointment. We are so happy that you are our family doctor. You do so much. Thank you. –  Shashi Medicharla

Dr. Zameer is very attentive and do the best possible treatment. The doctor is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Very good doctor, highly recommended. – Iqbal Baba 

Couldn’t ask for a pair of expert hands than dr.zameer mohd. He is marvellous. Would highly recommend him..  –  Nisha CK

Excellent treatment by doctor. Had wisdom tooth surgery done by him with perfection. – Ritu Maurya

Firstly, I would like to congratulate my childhood friend…He provides the best possible care for his patients with his wealth of knowledge, skill and professionalism. My sincere recommendation and reference to all is to go visit Dr.Zameer at SmilOn Dental Care and experience his pleasant and professional approach. –  Nazneen Nayeem 

I highly recommend the treatment from smilOn dental care.
5 ***** – Mohd Ibraheem

Being a doctor myself, I have seen Dr Zameer’s work, and I surely would say its worth the hard work he has put into it.. Way to go Doc.. Keep up the good work 👏👏👏 – Nasiha Zahrah

visited Dr zameer to get my smile correction done ‘ which was troubling me for ages. @ Smilon dental care I got solution for my smile in an efficient and economic way . I recommend Smilon dental care and Dr zameer for any oral health issues. – Mehmood Hussain

Good doctor &taking very care to patients, we r very happy. – Ma He

Having had a career which coincided with Dr Zameer ‘s from the inception, I have witnessed his progress in the field of dentistry, towards which he approaches with outmost sincerity and passion. His work ethics are exemplary . Having moved to US in my interactions with him, I found him to be updated with current international standards . Now that he’s expanding his zone of operations by setting up new centers, I wish him all the best and am assured of quality care next time my referred patients approach him for their dental treatment. – Mohammed Abdul Moiz

I underwent replacement of my missing upper front teeth with a bridge with Dr.zameer. I was very happy with the treatment rendered to me.I returned with the confidence of a better redesigned smile of mine. – Suresh Singh

Dr. Zameer is one of the Best Dentist In Hyderabad !!!. – Sitaram Sampath Avasarala

I feel very happy to giving a good treatment & care to me, thanks Dr. Zameer – Rambabu Magupalli

Hi friends I have a root canal I had a very good experience with so ease allhamdulillah. – Abdul Mujeeb

I visited Smilon Dental care, For Scaling tooth implant, Dr Zameer, Dr Iram and another doctor diagnosed and provided me excellent service, I was having lot of fear and i persistently asked them to use anaestecia but they have wonderfully done the scaling and implantation with utmost care and ease.

Thank you Very Much Team SmilOn… – Wajid Mohammed

Doctor Zameer has been very patient kind,made it on time and gave the best treatment possible, I made a called to smilon clinic around 8 in the evening, my grand dad is bedridden and suffering severe bleeding from his mouth, Dr. Zameer has been kind and agreed to come to our place at 10 in the night and treated him on time, it was God’s grace and doctors treatment on time was grand dad was better in an hour and the bleeding stopped, I highly recommend smilon, One of the best dental hospitals to get treated. – Nancy John 

Totally pain-free n comfortable dentistry at smilon Dental care, Highly Recommended though the price charged is little higher side but special thanks to Dr. Zameer for the great experience and quality work you have done on my daughter’s teeth. She is apprehensive about needles and tools used. but she have been pleased with your professional, yet personable, service. You put on her at ease, explained the procedure clearly and did not pressure her at all.she had a very pleasant experience. n so i took time to write a review on her behalf. – Zarina Sha 

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