Necessity for Orofacial care- A New Perspective

Necessity for Orofacial care- A New Perspective


The term dental care though often confined to brushing, flossing of teeth, teeth sensitivity and teeth decay. It is the very beginning of oral care. Clinical dentistry is as deep as an ocean as it is a blend of profound scientific evaluation and art in the form of esthetic requirements. The modern orofacial care not only involves teeth and gums but also includes cheek mucosa, tongue, palate, lips, head and neck region. The infection in the teeth could remain limited to specific tooth or in a progressive degradation of the disease may spread across the entire orofacial region.

This is because the structures in the orofacial region are closely related to each other and nourished by high vascular supply. The orofacial region resulting in complex disease pattern may involve multi-disciplinary approach which only advanced orofacial centre like Smilon Dental Care can bring in a systematic mode.


The oral cavity has been described as a window into general health of the patient, it is the intersection of medicine and dentistry. Hundreds of diseases and medications impact the oral cavity and pathologic conditions in the mouth may have a greater systemic impact. Several studies have demonstrated that poor oral hygiene have strong association with the risk of coronary heart disease and acute myocardial infarction. Similarly, swollen and receding gums can be an early sign of diabetes and a dentist may be the first to notice and inform you about these symptoms. Hence, it becomes imperative to have routine dental check ups for preventive care and maintainance of overall health.

Since years there has been lack of awareness and knowledge about dental care. Limited access to primary dental care and financial restrains could be a reason for negligence among certain people that prevents them from engaging the treatment on time resulting in worsening of the condition. Apart from negligence few people suffer from “dental phobia”. It is either a result of stress and anxiety disorders or due to a bad experience during  previous dental visits. Smilon Dental Careintends to manage such cases by psychological counselling of the patient to overcome their fears so that dental treatment becomes a pleasant experience.

In modern era prime importance is given to esthetics during personality evaluation in the society. Hence one cannot overlook the most significant aspect which are the face and the smile. The basic conditions like discoloration of teeth and gums, decayed teeth, fracture or loss of teeth and irregularity in teeth arrangement should be taken care primarily as these may effect your facial appearance and daily routine activities. The advancement in the management of dental care is at its peak today. All these latest treatment modalities are offered to patients at Smilon Dental Carethrough ergonomic costs,cutting edge technology and compassion in treatment formulation.

In addition to the above mentioned dental conditions, our focus also revolves around potentially serious diseases like jaw deformities, cleft lip and palate, premalignant lesions and oral cancer. These are the most ignored aspects of dental care and needs to be included in routine oral screening. Smilon Dental Care has expertise in management of all these conditions under one roof.

We request you to visit Smilon Dental Care and experience a new era in the field of orofacial care, so that you are rewarded by eternal smile and a pleasant bond with a dentist.


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